Development Division



  • To increase the involvement of Malaysians in volunteerism to help maintain the security and well-being of the people
  • To ensure the welfare of members of RELA when they carry out official RELA duties
  • To ensure that private individuals who have contributed to and served RELA are recognised with the award of honorary/associate rank or the RELA medal
  • To ensure that all policies and programmes of the Malaysian Volunteer Corps Department are efficiently and effectively implemented, whether at state or district level


1.0 Member Management Branch

1.1 Membership

  • To recruit and register members
  • To issue membership cards
  • To determine ranks of RELA members
  • To conduct screening programme for RELA members who are deceased, involved in crime and drugs and provided incomplete identity card numbers

1.2 Honorary and Associate Ranks

  • Secretariat to the RELA Honorary and Associate Rank Commissioning Committee meeting
  • Secretariat for the appointment of honorary and associate RELA members
  • Planning of the RELA Honorary and Associate Rank Conferment Ceremony

1.3 RELA Area Head of Communications/RELA Head of Platoon

  • To vet applications and conduct screening, check qualifications of members appointed as Head of Communications/Head of Platoon
  • To coordinate statistics of Head of Communications/Head of Platoon appointments and monthly reports from all states

1.4 RELA Community Service Centres

  • To reinforce the RELA Community Service Centres
  • To coordinate their statistics
  • To create assignments
  • To update the list of RELA Community Service Centres in a state

2.0 Welfare Branch

  • To prepare specifications for RELA group personal accident insurance
  • To foster cooperation with insurance companies
  • To manage applications for honorarium and RELA group personal accident insurance for all RELA members
  • To process claims under the National Heroes and Defence Trust Fund

3.0 Undergraduate RELA Branch (RELASIS)

  • To sign the memorandum of understanding between RELA and the Ministry of Higher Education (Polytechnic Education Department)
  • To increase the involvement of RELASIS at all public and private higher educational institutions
  • To serve as secretariat for the nationwide establishment of RELASIS
  • To coordinate membership statistics, annual reports and RELASIS activities

Jabatan Sukarelawan Malaysia (RELA)

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