Management Services Division



The Management Service Division is responsible for managing administration and acting as secretariat for departmental functions to ensure the efficient and effective running of the department. It covers three (3) important assets:
i. General management and office administration;
ii. Management of assets, inventory and office supplies;
iii. Management of the official functions of the office


The Management Service Division has two (2) main functions:

i. Administrative Branch

The role of this branch is to manage matters in respect of the management of office administration/security/dissemination of information from the department or government to state RELA offices/training centres nationwide.

ii. Logistics and Asset Branch

The role of this branch is to manage stores as well as movable and immovable assets of the government. It is divided into three (3) sub-units:

a. Logistics Unit

To manage the requirements and supply of departmental uniforms and accessories for officers/staff/volunteers at RELA headquarters / state RELA offices / training centres nationwide

b. Movable Asset Unit

To ensure the efficient, organised and effective management of departmental assets in accordance with the regulations prescribed by circulars for the time being in force encompassing the process of acceptance, registration, usage, storage, inspection, maintenance, disposal and write-off

c. Immovable Asset Unit

To ensure that immovable assets, assets that are permanent/fixed or permanent/fixed in nature are in place and administered according to the regulations in force and the relevant circulars

iii. Secretariat Branch

The role of this branch is to manage matters pertaining to the department’s official functions as well as to act as the secretariat for the top management meetings or RELA state directors’ meetings.

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