Finance Division



To establish efficient and effective financial management to achieve the division’s vision and mission, and to ensure projects for the physical development of RELA are managed in an organised manner


1. Finance Branch:

• To prepare and coordinate the budget for operating expenditure

• To distribute allocations to responsibility centres

• To prepare weekly and monthly expenditure reports

• To monitor expenditure performance

• To prepare quarterly reports

• To coordinate the review on half-yearly allocations

• Inspectorate for responsibility centres – monitoring and control

• To prepare the reconciliation report

• To maintain/update the management vote book

• To maintain the bill register

• To manage procurement and payments

• To pay salaries and remunerations

• To pay claims for allowances

• To settle bulk/travel warrant payments

• To issue/coordinate local orders

2. Development and Procurement Branch:

• To prepare and coordinate the development budget

• To monitor expenditure and physical (layout plan) performance

• To monitor progress of projects up to completion

• To prepare the 5-year Malaysia Plan

• To prepare the annual report

• To coordinate the mid-year review

• To maintain the development vote book

• To prepare payment vouchers

• To update the Project Monitoring System (SPP2)

• To manage direct purchases, quotations and tenders

• To coordinate evaluation of samples of items for the above activity

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