Kinta RELA members show support for Ampang comrades

KUALA LUMPUR: Kinta district People’s Volunteer Corps (Rela) is hoping that police will take action against the 29-year-old ‘Datuk Seri’ who was alleged to have assaulted three of their members in Ampang recently.

The Kinta district Rela, in a statement today said they are standing by their comrades and called on the authorities to conduct a thorough and transparent investigation on the case.

“We hope this incident will not dampened the spirit of all Rela members and that they will continue to serve and carry out their responsibilities without fear,” it read.

On Friday, the ‘Datuk Seri’ was reported to have allegedly assaulted Rela men – Ranbo Lee, 27, Jackie Leong, 21, and Melvin Cheong, 19 – when they asked him to move his Toyota Vellfire which was obstructing traffic.

In the 6.30am incident near Kau Ong Yah Temple in Ampang, Lee suffered bruises and swelling to his left eye, Leong was kicked and Cheong was hit on the back of his head.

“Many are not aware that Rela members have a responsibility to assist police, local authorities and other government agency to man the peace and also fight crime.

“We too have a sense of responsibility towards the nation as the deputy prime minister had said before, Rela members are nation’s third line of defence, after military and police force,” the statement read.

Rela members, the statement said, are trained volunteers who are appointed under the Malaysia Volunteers Department and have restricted powers as stated under the Malaysian Volunteers Act 2012.

“Justice must be served for all three members who were injured in the incident and the perpetrator should be punished accordingly to prevent future attacks,” it said, adding that they were also grateful to the Rela director-general Zainal Abidin and the its deputy Commissioner Datuk Seri Micheal Chong for defending the members and upholding the justice.