Rela denies forcing personnel to drop police report against a Datuk Seri

KUALA LUMPUR: Rela (the People’s Volunteer Corps) has denied that it forced Melvin Cheong Mun Khai to drop a report against a man who assaulted him and two other Rela personnel.

Cheong and two others were assaulted by a Datuk Seri on Oct 27 last year.

Rela operations director Mohamad Razib Buhaini said the allegations by Melvin were baseless.

“We never forced him to reject the offer to pay a compound in court to settle the charges for causing hurt against the three,” he said after lodging a police report at the Sentul police station here on Wednesday (Dec 19).

Mohamad Razib added that they were also informed about the possible outcomes if they proceeded.

He said they were told there was a possibility they would not receive any compensation as offered earlier.

It was reported that Cheong denied that there was any element of bribery behind the withdrawal of his police report against a businessman who allegedly assaulted him.

He said the main reason for withdrawing his police report was due to his job as a bartender, which made it difficult for him to attend court proceedings in the daytime and monitor the progress of the case.

He added that he also did not want to become a puppet following orders from certain people.Businessman Datuk Seri Liow Soon Hee, 30, has been charged with causing hurt to Cheong, 20, and another two persons at a temple compound here on Oct 27 last year, but pleaded not guilty.