1. Malaysian citizen (in possession of MyKad)
  2. Aged 18 and above
  3. Good health
  4. Not a member of any other volunteer force established under written law
  5. Not a member of any force under written law
  6. No criminal record


Registration as a member of RELA is free and no payment will be imposed.


For members whose membership is not terminated for any specific reasons, membership is lifelong.


RELASIS is RELA SISWA SISWI (undergraduate RELA) who participate as part of their co-curriculum at public/private higher educational institutions.


Each public/private higher educational institution may establish RELASIS with a minimum participation of 33 students (1 platoon). An official application in writing from the management of the public/private higher educational institution shall be sent to the state RELA office for verification and thereafter to the RELA headquarters for the further consideration.


The following training will be given:

  • Basics of marching
  • Basic introduction to the organisation
  • Exposure to the concept of volunteerism
  • Introduction to the basics of community service
  • Nurturing of spiritual values, identity and patriotism
  • Knowing the team values and ethics
  • Basic introduction to knowledge of warfare
  • Basic weaponry course
  • Basic introduction and exposure to the concept of integrated assistance assignment


The benefits obtained by joining RELASIS are as follows:

  • Training and educating students on the concept of volunteerism through community activities to ensure local well-being, security, harmony and peace
  • Students who are active in RELASIS as members of RELA who are skilful, of calibre, educated, with integrity, disciplined and responsible in performing their duties
  • Enhancement and nurturing of the spirit of camaraderie to foster national unity
  • The RELASIS Brigade will be commissioned as Senior Assistant Commissioners of RELA for those who are  graduates, and Assistant Commissioners for those who are diploma holders after they have successfully taken the training module prescribed by the higher educational institution


Appointment as associate RELA member

RELASIS members may continue to be active by joining the RELA programmes in their respective areas

Assist coordinating officers/trainers in managing RELASIS especially in terms of RELA service


All members of RELA will be covered by insurance while on duty.

Those who are not on duty will receive contributions for funeral expenses.


The following documents are required when submitting an insurance claim to the RELA headquarters through the district RELA officer and state RELA officer:

  1. Application form (by insurance company)
  2. Medical report (by insurance company)
  3. Copy of identity card (of member/deceased)
  4. Copy of RELA membership card (of member/deceased)
  5. Copy of death certificate
  6. Copy of autopsy report
  7. Copy of police report (if accident case)
  8. Copy of driving licence (if accident case)
  9. Copy of identity card of next of kin (bumiputera and resident in Malaysia)
  10. Letter of confirmation of assignment from district RELA officer
  11. Other relevant supporting documents (if requested by insurance company)


The following cases are rejected:

  1. Exceeding the prescribed age limit
  2. Incomplete documentation
  3. Cases that are doubtful and unreasonable excuses

Officers who may be contacted:-

Officer               : Nasharuddin Bin Mat Nasir

Tel. No.             : 03-8870 3728

Officer               : Noraliza binti Majid

Tel. No.             : 03-8870 3758

Officer               : Nuruqaiyah binti Jamaludin

Tel. No.             : 03-8870 3724